How To Choose The Best PPI Claims Handling Company In The UK close to a decade now, financial institutions were discovered to have been mis-selling customers the Payment Protection Insurance Policy. Needless to mention, this left millions of people broke and suffering especially because of the tough economic times that have characterized the recent past. To make the matter worse is the fact that claiming back your cash has been made a hassle for direct claimants. This has left millions of people frustrated and with very little, if any, cash to content with.

The good news is that with a reliable claims handling company in the UK, you can be able to claim back what is rightfully yours. You can reclaim a mis-sold PPI and get started with your own life once again. Even so, finding a reliable company is a big hustle for many people, especially because of the many dubious companies that charge claimants exorbitantly. How do you go about choosing the best claims handling company in the UK?

Important Considerations when Choosing a Claims Handling Company

Reputation – the first and most important consideration to make is the company’s reputation. What are past clients saying about the company’s services? Are there so many negative reviews about the company, or so many positive reviews? Always look for unbiased, genuine reviews of such companies.

Experience – filing PPI claims and winning the case to get the total amount of money you are claiming back requires more than simply knowledge in law, it requires some bit of experience. You want to work with a company that has been in existence for a considerable period of time, and which has handled similar cases previously. This is the only guarantee you will have of winning your case and getting what is rightfully owed to you.

Affordability – any company worth its name should not demand an upfront payment before the PPI claim process commences. If you, therefore, find a company that asks for an upfront payment, you might want to steer clear off the company. By the same token, you might want to stick to a company with the most affordable rates in the industry. some service providers may charge up to 30%, a good company that has customer interests at heart should be able to charge a reasonable fee. Anywhere between 15% and 20% is reasonable. Besides, such a company should be in a position to help claim 100% of all that is owed to you, including any interests incurred off your money. is the leading claims handling company in the UK, known for its affordability, great experience and great reputation.

The Easiest Way To Convert iMovie To WMV Format

imovie to wmvWMV is an acronym for Window Media Video. It is a type of video encoder created by Microsoft. Through this video encoder, you will be able to watch videos through your computers. The WMV files can only be played opened through the use of Microsoft supported devices.

There are a lot of file converters out there and this makes choosing quite difficult. The best file converter has the ability to convert files in various formats such as HDV, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV, and a lot more. If you want to convert imovie to wmv format, you should follow the steps below.

Detailed instructions on how to convert imovie files to wmv using file converter software:

  • Choose a professional file converter software
  • Download, install, and run the software
  • Add the non-wmv iMovie file. To do this, you just simply need to click the “add file” button or you can perhaps directly drag the iMovie file to the software interface.
  • The next step is to choose the output format. If you wish to convert the file to wmv, then you should choose wmv output format.
  • Once you already selected the desired output format, then you can begin with the conversion process. To do this, all you need to do is to click the “convert” button. The conversion duration varies depending on the length of the file.
  • Once the conversion is over, you can now enjoy playing converted iMovie file using your Windows Media Player. As a matter of fact, you can edit the converted file using Windows Movie Maker. You can also play the file using WMV friendly portable devices like PS3, Zune, Xbox, and the like.

imovie to wmvThe success of the conversion process depends on the types of converter used. There are so many file converters out there including paid and free converters. Free converters are okay, but if you want an excellent video output then you should use paid software.

3 Factors That Can Make The Difference Between High & Poor Quality Flats

FlatsFrom many points of view, renting flats is a very daunting process. First of all, you need a decent financial situation, since the first payment is going to be huge. You have to pay a warranty, a few months in advance and a commission to the agency too. But before going there, you must waste a lot of time inspecting properties and moving from one area to another. However, there are a few aspects you should pay attention to before signing a contract.


Location is the most important factor in the process. A good location implies a decent infrastructure, access paths for both cars and pedestrians, silent zonal traffic, a low pollution, decent neighbors, public transportation, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and a natural environment. Since finding flats with all these elements in one place is almost impossible, you must concentrate on what you actually need. If you got kids, a school and a good security are mandatory. If you do not have a car, you definitely have to be close to a bus or subway station. Other than that, make sure you are close to your working place or school.


The construction is very important for the safety matters. A few people actually bother to ask about materials or resistance structure. However, you should be more careful about the age and overall appearance. An old building that is about to collapse may present a lot of risks. When it looks old and the inside is dirty, the neighbors are less likely to become your friends. You do not have to be an expert in order to figure out whether the area is good or not. On the other hand, inquire about the flat surface too, number of bathrooms and a potential garage.


Finally, you should look after flats that can satisfy your necessities. Everyone has a particular definition of comfort. Aside from the modern appliances, high quality bathrooms or kitchen and finishings, you might have to look after a proper heating system, efficient thermal insulation, double glazed windows, Internet or cable.

FlatsA lot of people double check the security too. For instance, a building with a guardian or a locking system may ensure an increased protection. Other than that, some parks or playgrounds around the building might be great for someone with kids.

All in all, your preferences may vary and sometimes, you might not find what you need precisely. Therefore, you need to write down a list of priorities and concentrate on them.

Most Important Things To Verify When Purchasing A Harga Piano

What do you look for when interested in a harga piano? When not experienced, most people would base their decisions on the price. They can also find a few reviews or testimonials regarding specific parts, not to mention about their friends’ or professors’ recommendations. However, if a new piano is too expensive for your available budget, the used items can be just as valuable. But then, you need some more research in order to determine whether or not a particular item is appropriate for your needs.

harga pianoBasic parts

The action is one of the most important parts of a harga piano. This is what most manufacturers or technicians call the working section. You can always look under the cover and inspect a piano, yet you will rarely see more than just a few pieces. Believe it or not, the action consists of over 7,500 small parts. Each of them has a particular role in the process, especially when the keys get stuck. Since opening all these parts and inspecting them individually is less likely to happen, you can analyze the action by inspecting the entire piano. Double check all the keys and try to figure out the sound quality.


All the keys are hosted in a larger case – the bed. The bed is large enough to accommodate the keys without any extra room. If you find more room between them, something has obviously been changed. Besides, when the keys have problems raising up or they get stuck, they might have been replaced with larger parts. The bed is located right in front of the main cabinet, which is responsible for the key level. Other than that, the keys have a returning mechanism consisting of a pin and wool. The wool is used for a silent play, otherwise the key sound would interfere with your music. You can easily tell if the wool is still there by pressing each key and listening to the sound it makes.

harga pianoAlthough the keys are said to consist of ivory, this material is no longer used. Since elephants are endangered, the modern pianos use a tough form of plastic. Fortunately, the plastic is specifically treated to maintain its color and shape. The same material is also used for the black keys.


Every harga piano has hammers. They are made of felt and they differ in size, depending on how much felt was used. There are one or two different layers, which are tightly connected to a wooden part. The wooden hammer molds, but only when it has to deal with a huge pressure.

How To Brand Yourself On YouTube

Your brand’s image will always affect your success. Good, consistent brands that always nail their target audience do so through managing their online marketing strategy. Cold-calling and random direct mail are a thing of the past as online marketing has replaced offline by a big margin.

Of all the different forms of online marketing video marketing is spearheading it, especially through YouTube. The reason for this is YouTube is the largest grossing video website on the net, with a staggering hour of video being uploaded to YouTube every second. Its popularity shows the undeniable fact that if you want to brand yourself on YouTube, it has got the potential for serious success.

youtube viewsHowever, if you’re going to use YouTube to brand yourself it has got to be done right. This articles going to highlight some of the tactics and avenues you can use to create and manage a successful brand on YouTube.

Picking Your Brand’s Name

You have to stand out. Don’t choose a name full of random symbols and numbers that no one’s going to remember like ZZZbestvids2k12. Some of the most successful YouTubers are video bloggers (vloggers) whose brand is simply themselves, with names like ShanedawsonTV and RayWilliamJohnson that people can remember!

Name Your Video Correctly

It seems obvious but the name of the video needs to get to the point. The more simple and concise the video’s name, the more likely it will appear when your target audience searches a keyword in the title. People are never going to see the video called ‘loads of clips of cats being hilarious so so funny omg!’, whereas ‘funny cats’ would probably hit 1 million views in about 5 minutes. It comes back to quality, people are drawn to and respect brands that exhibit clear, interesting video titles.

Brand Yourself Through Quality Video

It’s all about quality, whether your brand is selling products or services, or is simply yourself vlogging about your life, people will always respond to a good quality video. If you sit in a dingy room using your phone camera to record your latest vlog, or capture a model demonstrating your new line of trainers, people will always shy away from poor quality. Bad quality video implies a bad quality brand. If you’re going to take the time to brand yourself on YouTube then its worth spending the money on technology that will produce HD videos. No one wants to watch videos in standard definition when we’re surrounded by plasma televisions showing clear, crisp, contrasting picture.

Get Your Video & Your Brand Out There

It sounds corny but it’s all about who you know. Networking is vital when it comes to YouTube, you must establish your brand as being within a specific video category like music or clothing. So lets say your brand is clothing, a great tactic is to find some popular fashion ‘vloggers’ and negotiate a deal in which they will advertise your clothes. This has relatively low costs and most importantly it gets your brand out there!

Another idea is to not look at the others within your niche as rivals, but as allies. Other brands will be known by people who’ve never heard of yours and vise versa, if you help advertise each others brands its win win.

Use Negative Feedback To Your Advantage

Unfortunately there will always be some negative feedback on YouTube, but this can be a good thing! Positive criticism is positive for a reason, there may well be a problem with a video you’ve made or the brand itself. The best thing to do is to take it on board and develop your brand with the criticisms in mind. Your brands image can be shown positively by the way in which you deal with negative feedback. If you reply to their comments politely and with a resolution in mind your brand will come across as professional and as one that actively tries to make itself better (people love a bit of humility).

youtube viewsMaintain Your Brand

It can be one video that launches your brand into success, but similarly one video can break you. Once you create your brand on YouTube you’ve got to be consistent. Depending on your brand’s niche, videos will need to be uploaded regularly, and be consistently good. Your audience will expect your brand to not only be reliable, but always moving forward. They don’t want to see the same trainers you’ve been going on about for the last few videos that are now in a brand new shade of blue! Your brand will quickly become stale if you fail to keep up with new trends and styles relevant to your niche.

Developing and maintaining a brand on YouTube can be done when you follow these guidelines. The internet is the best way to market your brand, and YouTube is undoubtedly the giant of online video sharing – you will experience serious success if even a small number of the combined YouTube viewership is focused on your brand.

This is a guest post from Jordan Fried.  Jordan is an avid marketer who is increasingly interested in video.  Utilizing services like Youtube in the right way, can help your brand succeed, are you getting the youtube views you need?

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